Powering your business


Hydro power plant Haditha - 700 MWe
MV Block 1250 kVA
First gas MTU engine in Slovenia
MIP Nova Gorica – CHP unit based on 1 MWe MTU gas engine
CHP unit based on MTU G 12 V 4000
First grid connected Slovenian photovoltaic power plant FERI Maribor
PV Plant Swimming pool Ruše
PV plant sporting hall Ruše
Hydro power plant Djerdap - 2200 MWe
Assembly of the Stela wood dryer 1,5t/h – Trstje Croatia
CHP unit MTU G 12 V 183
HE ASWAN 2 Egypt
Exhaust gases heat exchanger, thermal power 700 kW
MLM Maribor – CHP unit based on 1 MWe MTU gas engine
Processing equipment MLM for MTU 1 MWe
CHP unit based on Caterpillar CAT 3516
Powering your business


Dry cooler 300KW
Energency Gen-set MP VP 530 based on Volvo TAD 1642 GE
Own SCADA control program based on Simatic
The indispensable plate of each co-generator
Production of co-generators
Cooling system for diesel generator
Trigeneration Kemofarmacija Ljubljana
Co-genetator MP 200 SG
Rebuilding of Emergency Gen-set MTU 500 KVA – new electrical cabinet
Benefit evaluation 2020
Diesel generator 1000 kVA
Building a container for 1 MW Gen-set
Cogenerator Kemofarmacija Ljubljana
Co-generator MP MAN 0834/ LSA 44.3
Network analyzer
Restaurant Ancora Maribor, Own produced unit MP CHP 50 NG
Distributor and collector of gas boiler room - Ljubljana
Gas boiler room 2 x 1,25 MW – Ljubljana
Gas ramp
Cooling platform Kemofarmacija Ljubljana

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