Our business

With its rich tradition and expertise, the company focuses on the production of high-end CHP and CCHP units. In addition to the gas power plants and HFO power plants, the company is active in the field of designing and preparing projects for hydroelectric power plants and power plants using primary municipal waste – SRF.

Metalna Power® offers very efficient and highly reliable CHP units, with their operation being monitored from a control centre, run by trained operators from both customer and parent companies. Numerous references Metalna Power’s competitive advantages lie in CHP facilities, where most of our references are related to successfully completed high power gas engine projects in Slovenia. It upgrades its activities based on this foundation in the gas and steam turbine market niche, where it operates with two business partners: KAWASAKI Gas Turbine Europe GmbH for lower power units and Siemens d.d. Power and Gas Division for higher power units, as a long-term priority, complemented by natural or synthetic gas cogeneration systems and separate power generation using diesel engines operating on HFO. 

The components of our cogeneration plants are selected on the basis of long-term engine/turbine suppliers’ experience and the longstanding experience of our own employees. The best possible materials have been chosen for the facilities and simple solutions used with a focus on maintenance, thus adjusting the repair intervals in order to ensure long-term and continuing operation of the facilities.


The purpose of founding Metalna power® is becoming a regional leading company in the field of projecting, production and managment of power generation machines. We eastablished good business relationship in Ex-Yugoslavian countries, Russia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Albania and Bulgaria.


We work in partnership with reliable high-tech suppliers, developing first class solutions for our clients.


    Preradovičeva 22, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia


    +386 31 407 849