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Metalna power


One of the most important tasks, related to saving the slovenian Brand name Metalna is reestablishing as much as possible Business relations, the former Metalna worldwide had.

Bringing Metalna power to Iraqi market

After more than 20 years of Metalna’s strong presence in Iraq, the relationship with Iraqi government was reestablished. Metalna is back on the Iraqi list of power plant producers.

Bringing Metalna power to Russian market

Metalna Maribor was coowner of a strong russian company Metalna soyuz. After 20 years, new projects for Metalna power’s russian power plants performing takes course.

Bringing Metalna power to Macedonian market

Metalna took part on several Hydro power plants in Macedonia as for example Tiveš, Globočica, Vrutok…. Metalna power® since 2018 beggins to perform projects for new macedonian power plants.

Metalna power BALKAN - PDF

First dry cooler produced by Metalna Power


    Preradovičeva 22, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia


    +386 82 01 81 38

    +386 41 788 277

    +386 31 407 849