Application areas

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Gas engine power

Gas engine power plants

Scale from 5kW – 5MW per unit, high electrical efficiency, simple to install, with containers. Reestablishing own service facilities and CHP production – potential new subscribers.

Gas turbines power

Gas turbines power plants

Main partners Siemens and Kawasaki. Never fired plants available. Entire support for projecting, assembly and maintenance. Factories bank guarantee. Our goal: Turbines Power Plants production in Maribor.

Wood biomass

Wood biomass plants

Projecting, manufacturing and maintaning plants based on biomass gasification. Wood biomass plants, which are projected and installed in cooperation with Macedonian and Austrian partners, have the lowest possible tar content in synthetic gas.

Converting communal waste

Converting communal waste into power

Communal waste is transformed into electricity in cooperation with foreign partners in the following ways:

  • Gasification of SRF and incineration of synthetic gas in a steam boiler – turbine.
  • Acquisition of synthetic diesels from municipal waste and its use as fuel for diesel engines.
Developing and researching

Developing and researching projects of biofuels and hydrogen fuels

Projects of biofuels and hydrogen fuels are developed in cooperation with domestic and foreign partners.

Our share in development grows from a modest to ever more demanding. We are connected with some state research centers…


Emergency Gen-sets

Metalna power® is establishing own production of emergency Gen-sets based on diesel engines: MTU, Volvo Penta, Mitsubishi and Cummins.

Diesel emergency gen-sets MTU

AMP MTU gen-sets are equipped with:

  • Alternators EE Cummins Newage Stamford
  • Controllers MTU
  • Staineless steel fuel tanks
  • Stainless steel silencers
  • 24/365 control center surveilance centra MP

Emergency gen-sets Mitsubishi

Gen-sets AMP M  are equipped with:

  • Alternators EE Mecc Alte
  • Controlers Comap
  • Staineles steel fuel tanks
  • Stainless steel exhaust gases silencers

Diesel gen-sets VOLVO PENTA

Gen-sets AMP VP are equiped with :

  • Alternators Leroy Somer
  • Controlers Comap
  • INOX fuel tanks
  • INOX exhaust gases silencers

Gen - sets CUMMINS

All gen-sets are equipped with:

  • Alternators EE Cummins Newage Stamford
  • Controlers Altronic
  • Stainless steel fuel tanks
  • Stainless steel exhaust gases sylencers

HFO power plants

The team of Metalna power® is becoming step by step more familiar with HFO power plants based on diesel engines Wärtsilä.

Slovenian photovoltaics pioneers

The team of Metalna power® designed, financed and performed the first grid connected photovoltaic power plant in Slovenia.

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